Tonight we had the pleasure of interviewing a dynamic vegan power couple. Dustin and Raven are active members in our local Columbus Veg Community and ...View Details

Stroke Me Stroke Me

If you're vegan you've most likely been approached by a hater with this recent study claiming that vegans and vegetarians have a 20% higher risk of st...View Details

CBD oil and doing drugs

Episode 75 gets a little crazy. Lisa and Jimi attempt to explain this CBD craze that's sweeping the nation. What are the benefits, what are the side e...View Details

The Amazon is on fire bro

So if you haven't heard, the Amazon rainforest is on fire. Also, it's because people eat cows, maybe. On episode 75 Lisa and Jimi break down all the f...View Details

Vegan fest Columbus

We hosted a talk at the Columbus Vegan Fest today, that was our theme but we were all over the place. The goal was to revisit how we ended up with thi...View Details

On episode 74 we get up close and personal with some new vegans. Our guests, Kathleen and AJ discuss what it was like to make the switch. Well AJ didn...View Details

How fat is your state?

Ep 73 was BUSY! Today’s Topics - Budweiser beer is wind powered - Lisa’s Instagram battle WARNING! SHE’S MAD - Fattest states and BMI - The health of ...View Details

Episode 72! Tonight Lisa leads us on a protein journey. As we get older our body starts to lost muscle mass and many turn to protein as the answer. We...View Details

Lisa Beats FAKE Meat

Fake Meat. In some states we can't even call it meat anymore. That's the theme of tonights show but be warned, Lisa gets pissed about the treatment of...View Details

Vegans have better sex

Vegans have better sex is a claim that PETA and many others have been making for years. Tonight on episode 69 we discuss why. As you could imagine thi...View Details

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