Health Hacks

Episode 66! Health, Adding salt to water, cayenne pepper water, aloe juice, able cider vinegar, pooping, oil pulling, charcoal pills, nasal douche, an...View Details

Seitan has a food truck

Tonight we had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin, the owner of the hottest new Columbus food truck, Seitans Realm. We discuss seitan, the food t...View Details

Don't listen to this episode with your children. Episode 63 was awesome though. Lisa gets pretty inappropriate but we look into the science of how peo...View Details

Episode 63 is all about the fishing industry. We also engage in a constructive argument about the band Phish. Lisa makes way to many inappropriate jok...View Details

Today we look at PETA. From controversy to accomplishments, PETA seems to always be in the news. Most recently for talking crap about Steve Irwin's go...View Details

Over 56 billion land animals are killed per year. We are breeding animals to kill them. Sustainable? Probably not. Tonight we have special guests Jeff...View Details

The best diets! Again. Every year U.S. News and World Report puts out the best diets of the year. In episode 60 we discuss the 41 best diets of 2018. ...View Details

Ep 59. We are revisiting this diet that seems to get more popular every day. Keto! The low carb high fat diet has come and gone for centuries, we disc...View Details

Tonight’s show is about 3 heroes who sacrificed everything to protect animals and our environment.  You’ll have to get through 50 minutes of the show ...View Details

Happy New Year! Tonight we are discussing 7 tips for sticking to a vegan diet, although these tips will work for any diet. We also explain what Veganu...View Details

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