Tonight we discuss vegan thanksgiving recipes and how to deal with family that may not be very supportive. 

Tonight we unpack the latest headlines accusing Dr. Fauci of being involved in questionable animal testing. Almost 20 billion tax dollars are spent on...View Details

Vegans p00p better

Tonight we examine the digestive benefits of going vegan. Lisa also shares some of her great new recipes. 

So some shotty science out of Poland concluded that vegan kids are shorter and weaker that other kids. Obviously we take issue with this as we are rai...View Details

Is Recycling a Sham?

Tonight we discuss what actually gets recycled when you put your bin on the curb and how we can reduce the consumption of non-recyclable plastics. Lis...View Details

The Covid Vaccine

Is the vaccine vegan? Was it rushed? Should you be hesitant to take it? Was it tested on animals?  Did they use fetal cells used?  All these questions...View Details

The avocado dilemma

How can we ethically eat avocados? Listen to find out. Also Lisa keeps accusing Jimi of being drunk. But he's not, he's tired (p.s. this is Jimi)

Let’s reduce waste

Compartmentalize! On tonight's episode we discuss ways to reduce waste in our day to day lives. We also discuss hot sauce! 

Lisa and I start the show with an unplanned argument about shutdowns and coronavirus reactions. We eventually discuss companies pulling products becau...View Details

Tonight we discuss how to make cheese, Lisa's attempt at creating an instagram challenge (@mamaochuk), magic mushrooms and the presidential race. But ...View Details

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