BLM Police and Vegans

Oh man, buckle up folks. If you are related to Lisa, she asks that you sit this one out. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, we respect all of them. B...View Details

Tonight we talk about some crazy new insights on vitamin D. Which is actually a hormone and not a vitamin. It can help your body fight infectious dise...View Details

Tonight we breakdown the impact this Covid virus is having on the meat industry. There are meat shortages all around the world, perhaps it's time to r...View Details

Corona part 2. Tonight we talk about some of the myths surrounding these troubling times. Enjoy! 

You can watch or listen to this on YOUTUBE! Day one of social distancing. We discuss the Covid-19 virus tonight, how a vegan world can prevent this, a...View Details

Tonight we throw down. What is better for you? Real meat or fake meat? Obviously fake meat is better for the environment in every way but tonight we f...View Details

The whole world vegan? It's a pipe dream, but is it possible? What would happen? Don't worry, we figured it all out on tonight's episode. 

700 vegan tips

Episode 82! We’re back after our longest break, but don't worry. LBYM is back in full force for 2020. Tonight we talk about vegan culture as we rip th...View Details

Vegans don’t exist

Episode 81 was awesome. I think this a message that all vegans need to remember, it's pretty much impossible to be totally vegan. The definition of ve...View Details

In episode 80 we discuss our reaction to the Game Changers documentary. We go over some of the performance advantages vegan athletes possess. Great sh...View Details

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